Universitas Padjadjaran (UNPAD) – Bandung


Padjadjaran University is an institution of higher learning located in Bandung, which is the provincial capital of West Java, Indonesia. It was established on September 11, 1957. UNPAD has gained the most applicant and highest passing grade in National Selection of State University Entrance since 2013.

When established, the university had four departments: Law, Economics, Medicine, and Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Now it has developed into 16 faculties and several postgraduate programs, 44 undergraduate programs (Strata 1/S1), two specialist programs, nine doctorate programs (Strata 3/S3), 19 master’s degree programs (Strata 2/S2), five profession programs, one four-year diploma program (D4), and 32 three-year diploma programs (D3).

UNPAD has two main campuses. One of the main campus located in Jatinangor, the other is Dipati Ukur campus, located in Bandung, that currently dedicated mostly for postgraduate programs. Besides those two locations, there are several campuses spread over in Bandung including Sekeloa, Singaperbangsa, Dago 4, Simpang Dago, Dago Atas, Dago Pojok, Banda, Cimadiri, Cisangkuy, Eikman, Pasirkaliki, Teuku Umar, and some other locations.

Course(s) Offered:

  • Doctor of Medicine (UKM-UNPAD TWINNING PROGRAM)
    • 3 Years UKM, 3 years UNPAD

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  • INTAKE 2023 1 March – 29 June 2023

2023 Intake is closing soon! Hurry Apply Now!

You may apply to the university simultaneously with applying for UPU. This is to ensure all of your options are available incase your UPU application rejected. You won’t regret it!

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