1. Informing & Reminding

We reach out to students who are interested to to study abroad and guide them through on how to register and find the most suitable university.

2. Registration to University

We arrange and register students in entrance exam or interviews. We also provide prep class and study materials.

3. Entrance Exam

We help and guide students on the day of the exam itself. To ensure everything to be in order. We also help to seek accommodation to for students from all over Malaysia.

4. VISA & Accommodation

After students are accepted and received offer letter. We manage VISA application and also search for accommodation for the students enrolling for first year. Afterwards student may find their own.

5. Flight & Departure

We also help finding flight tickets for students. For the first 50 students to register per Intake (Per Year) they will receive free one way flight ticket! So don’t miss this opportunity!

6. Student Care

One of our representative will send the students to their respective university and guide with registration. And rest assured the students will be under our provision for the length of their study!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Applying Time

January – June (Depending on each university deadline). It is always advised for students to apply concurrently with their IPTA if they wish to. Most of the mistakes that students did is wait for UPU and then miss a chance for a back up plan and in overall resort to going to expensive private universities.

Application Requirements

Students must fulfill general requirements :

Min B+ in all science subject in SPM & STPM. (Exception may sometimes be made)

⮚ CGPA is 3.00 and above for matriculation and equivalent.
⮚ Not Color Blind

Cancelling Plan to study abroad?

You may cancel your plan to study abroad, however once you have paid tuition fee to the respective Universities. You will not be able to get refund back because it is the university’s policy.

Are there additional hidden fees?

There are no additional hidden fees other than clearly stated.



Find out whether you fulfill the requirements for your desired University . Depending on your destination requirements may differ for each university (SPM STPM Certificate, MUET/IELTS Score of Min 5.5).

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Contact Us

Reach out to us for REGISTRATION. We will assist you step by step of the process to enroll. INFORMATION of the respective Tuition Fee and schedules of the Entrance Exam / Interviews will be distributed. *Terms and Conditions Apply

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We Connect.

Once you pass the exam/interview, you are SET TO GO! We will take care of the VISA handling, accommodation, student permit and etc. Our company collaborate with the universities directly, therefore you are in GOOD hands!

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*For the first 50 students registered and confirmed for studies, we will provide flight ticket discounts! Don’t miss this opportunity! Limited time only!


Our History & Mission

Founded by Dra. Hjh Lien Sundari (CEO) of the company. We are established in 2005 and has been operating in humble sized cooperation ever since. Formerly known as Tridiva Utama, now known as TDU Education Consultant. We found university placements of thousands of students since then and now they have already opened practices as Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists Specialists, Surgeons & More.

“I believe every parents have the best interest to invest on the future of their children to have a fulfilling career. And our task is to initiate the step towards a promising future for the students”

Dra. Hjh. Lien Sundari, CEO

Collaboration & Accreditation:

Collaboration & Accreditation:

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